You Tube Commenters Can Ruin A Song

Why do these youngsters feel the need to go to the songs of my youth and cover the page with “X Box Rock Band brought me here” & “The Latest Cheesy Flick brought me here” & “An Asian Cartoon brought me here.” No one cares. Why Hollywood & video gamers feel the need to use so many old songs is a mystery. None of today’s stuff any good? But the “Need For Speed anyone?” comments on YT would make Trump tear at his comb over. I found a tune (a manly one!) those brainwashed movie fans/gamers have overlooked. The comment section on this has not yet been violated by the usual suspects. Rant over. Enjoy the testosterone.



  1. Love it, what a belter! Here’s hoping the developers of the next Grand Theft Auto don’t see this post and get any ideas. XD

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