The Undisputed Truth (Mike Tyson with Larry Sloman)

Despite being a boxing fan I never believed the Tyson hype, and his army of fan boys seem more like groupies. Firstly, I want to point out a few facts about his career. Before he went to jail he ducked George Foreman. After prison he avoided David Tua, Riddick Bowe, Ray Mercer & Oliver McCall (all these guys had iron chins despite some lapses in technique) and even paid Lennox Lewis 4 million dollars to not fight. Yes, he fought Lewis 6 years later – predictably getting his ass handed to him – but my point is, when Tyson knew an opponent was of the dangerous strong-willed variety, he refused to fight them. ‘Iron’ Mike indeed.

As for why he is the dysfunctional mess he is, that is why we have these 592 pages of excuse after excuse and, when all else fails, blame whitey. Of course all this is grist to the mill for his New York publishers and co-writer, whose purpose is to make non-blacks everywhere feel sorry for poor little Mikey. The entertainment paymasters of America have resurrected this lisping, tarnished ex-champion into a movie extra (you can hardly call him an actor) with appearances galore, his own Broadway show and even a cartoon series based around him.

This book was part of a massive marketing campaign to part the public from their shekels while indulging in a lot of buck passing. Yes, he was born poor– as are a billion other people all over this planet. So fucking what? If his father did not want to bring him up and his mother was too depressed to care, well, that’s the way a lot of parents are. Get used to it you self-pitying twat. Compared to war-torn Syrians and Iraqis, or Palestinians and Tibetans living under military occupation, African Americans have a lot of freedom and opportunity. Affirmative action programs for under qualified people, and the rabid support of a dishonest but powerful mainstream media are more than most other ethnic groups ever enjoy.

By his own admission, he:
-was a gang member who stole at gunpoint,
-did home invasions on a regular basis, even cleaning out his mother’s friends
-was disrespectful to everybody he ever came in contact with
-beat people up (outside of the ring) sometimes almost to death
-did everything he felt like doing with absolutely no regards for the consequences
-wiped his rear end on someone’s fur coat while a bus load of tourists watched
-believes he invented hip hop because of the immoral lifestyle he promoted
-paid for a pimp’s funeral out of admiration for the man’s wisdom
-saw women purely as sexual objects to play with
-is a drug addict and alchoholic
-refused to attend school

He delights in telling the reader about his venereal diseases, and how his private parts were oozing during his first fight for the heavyweight title. One woman who accused him of rape (no, not the famous one) he dismisses as a liar. She was just sore in her nether regions because she’d never experienced such a ‘big’ man like him. Yeah, right. Prison was one big orgy of sex. Apparently the guards and admin at Indiana Juvenile Penitentiary want their boys to enjoy all the things they would be getting on the outside. Particularly pussy, which Mike says he got so much of it made him weak. Yeah, this is how you punish and rehabilitate the criminal – that’ll show those young punks! – but this could be more BS in an ocean of it.

Tyson implores the reader to not believe the hype but why should we believe his sexual boasting? He is not interested in telling us much about his boxing fights. What a surprise. Isn’t that the reason he is so famous and admired? Isn’t this supposed to be a sportsman? Instead of being embarrassed by facing such worthless bums like Peter McNeely, or Julius Francis, he actually talks about them as if they were legitimate competition. Why he couldn’t finish off the likes of James Tillis, Mitch Green or Bonecrusher Smith when he was in his prime, he does not like to dwell upon. The young George Foreman would have KO’d all three.

The undisputed truth about Mike Tyson was revealed on November 9, 1996 in front of millions of boxing fans. He was taking on Evander Holyfield in a fight that should have taken place five years earlier — if Mike hadn’t chosen to rape a teenage beauty queen instead. 34 year old Holyfield was declared to be washed up, no real threat to the 30 year old Tyson. But after an even first five rounds the older man took control and gradually castrated the baddest man on the planet. Mike squeals in his book that the referee was drunk and allowed him to suffer too much punishment at the hands of Holyfield. These are not the words of a warrior.

The re-match was even better for those of us who were on Holyfield’s side. A clearly unnerved Tyson chose to bite his opponent’s ear lobe off and get out of the fight via disqualification. In the book he makes that night sound like a serial killer being cornered by the police. He felt indignation toward the public for booing him in the ring. But with his reputation that comes with the territory. He felt alone, no one helping him. Not even a new referee. When he admits this it throws light on what a mentally weak boxer he really was. He lacked the will when he was losing momentum in a tough fight. In other words, he was a front runner.

Tyson whines that life keeps on serving him lemons. Why can’t the gods serve him lemonade instead? But he can rap some pretty philosophy about not being able to receive love and the racism that abounds in hip and trendy rehabs for the rich and worthless. His kind are not welcome through the doors of the Betty Ford Clinic, apparently. And don’t get him started on former wife, Robin Givens. She is a black-on-black racist who only wanted his $. She didn’t want to give him a child because it would have nappy hair and thick lips like its daddy. He claims that his ideal woman would be one who starts fights with people he dislikes. She will have to throw the first punch to prove her loyalty. Then Mike will join in. Oh, and don’t forget the prosecutor at his rape trial was a racist. So was the judge. The fact that the accuser was also black seems lost on Mike. Give him a straight jacket. This martyr has a book to sell.



  1. This book sounds like comedy gold, thanks for the well-informed review. I’ve never particularly respected Tyson either, the only thing I thank him for is for providing inspiration for the Drederick Tatum boxing episode in The Simpsons ha ha!


  2. My pleasure. I recommend you give it a read some day. You can almost hear him lisping between the pages…I forgot to mention he was visited by Tupac in prison – and the rapper ended up tap dancing on a table. Two niggas sticking it to The Man. Despite his whining, you don’t have to be a fight fan to enjoy the sheer variety of stuff in the book.


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