The McClane Apocalypse: Book One (Kate Morris)

I shouldn’t like this book. It’s like post apocalyptic chick lit. But for some reason I enjoyed this light hearted read. Maybe it’s because it reminds me a little of Little a House on the Prairie. The story is a family holed up together after the world goes to hell as a result of nukes, tsunamis and earthquakes. This take on PA fiction us more regarding the relationships of the characters rather than the world they live in. However there is plenty of action, just not as much of the gore filled section I am used to. It’s good to see a post apocalyptic storyline that still breathes a bit of hope optimism and plain old human decency.

There are a lot of books nowadays about the end of society and the rise of anarchy, but this is different…better…more detailed and focused on the tenacity and brilliance of a family that has been better prepared for the circumstances than any other I’ve read about. It is also a long and detailed book filled with the human condition as a whole. Not just a book about running around foraging and getting into gun fights (though there are quite a few of them) but about family. A family that finds protection and solace from the extended family. Starting out with grandparents left with all their children’s children, whom just happened to be mostly women coming of age, and a brother that comes home after the destruction of the army and government with three young rangers in tow…fate?

A house full of tenacious women…And an new addition of a group of battered young soldiers. Now if this doesn’t sound like a mix of mayhem, budding love and all the stormy chaos that you could possibly imagine, then I don’t know what does. Regan, a super intelligent student taking college courses when most of us are just starting high school has the end of her already awkward life, smashed to pieces as society crumbles almost overnight due to tsunamis that are wiping the coasts off the map. These huge fists of nature are due to an all out war across the middle east, Russia, and Asia, and just about every other country waring with nuclear weapons. For once the United States stays out of the fray.

But the earth answers the assault on vast stretches of land being blown to pieces with huge earthquakes and the resulting tsunamis that drown California and Florida off the map. And the ocean now boarders the Rockies and Appalachian mountains. And to make life worse for Regan, she is brutally assaulted and nearly raped. She survives (barely) because her attackers underestimates her tiny size. But she fights them off, and to her horror, has to kill them herself with their own weapons. But she is cut to shreds in the process, and the shock she feels is heartbreaking to read; she barely makes it home alive.

The love story that slowly builds throughout the book is heart wrenching, as Regan tries to overcome the mental damage. Interesting characters then, although the writing seems rushed, not very detailed, like things were happening really fast with no lead up. Maybe not such a big deal for people who don’t read very fast or often, because alot happens in a short time, but I found it rushed. I’m reading the next one though, so it’s not bad.Action packed and thrilling from the start, I really enjoyed this book! The circumstances that led to war weren’t fully explained, but it wasn’t detrimental to the story. The aftermath was very well thought through and I couldn’t help but wonder what I would do in a similar situation.


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