Into The Cannibal’s Pot (Ilana Mercer)

If you are a typical brainwashed liberal don’t read this. Because your CNN/Hollywood/To Kill A Mockingbird/Kumbaya view of the world will be shaken and severely stirred. This book reveals what happens when an advanced nation built by European people, upon Christian principles, is deceived by the Cultural Marxist dream of racial egalitarianism. And in the name of “justice” and “liberty” surrenders political power to an African majority that has never shown the capacity to create or sustain a free, just, and civilized society.

Perhaps you, like me, were indoctrinated at a young age about the evils of Western man, his domination of more earth-friendly (ho ho) cultures, his inherent “racism” (a word first used by Trotsky in 1927) given the power he yields in the societies he’s conquered. You may have sat dumbfounded through it all, wondering how one group of people could be so bad while everyone else could be so good. A simplistic description of modern academia, perhaps, but one that anyone who’s sat through an insufferable liberal arts course at most universities would probably recognize. Mercer blows the lie apart, demonstrating the adversity overcome by Afrikaners as they brought prosperity to a part of the world that had never seen it. The beneficial growth enjoyed by Afrikaners and blacks alike as a result of this culture, and finally, the systematic betrayal of this culture and the disaster in the aftermath.

Some of the same patterns in South Africa are showing up in the U.S.A and Europe. The black/coloured on white crime stats have already gone through the roof and it has never been honestly reported by a dishonest media. If you are anti-Trump and wonder how the hell he won, the criminality of ethnic minority males and the massive hostility to anything white by our controlled media were two of the main reasons so many voted for him. If you keep giving and giving while only getting back threats, violence, envy and eternal demands for more resources to be handed over for free you are liable to get pissed off. Eventually. This book is no apology for apartheid, but in the latter half Mercer disparages what she calls the “Anglo-American-Australian Axis of Evil” for dismantling Rhodesia and South Africa.

Despite the utter calamity of decolonization in the rest of Africa (switching from white to black rule, effectively), the Axis were still hell bent on dismantling apartheid and the Rhodesian electoral system for being racist and undemocratic. Outside of Iraq, the AAAA has not been as active at regime change as it was in SA and Rhodesia. But the author does reveal a clear lesson in being careful for what you wish for. The unthinkable hardship endured by South African whites is mostly ignored in the West. (They have been so demonized in a way very similar to the way Germans have been since 1945). But it is real, and it may be coming to a place near you if contemporary trends of rewarding sociopathic behavior continue. This book can be difficult to read in certain places due to the graphic horror described, but I’m sure it was just as difficult for Mercer to write. Grab a copy. Open your mind. This is the end result of that multi-cultural diversity our law makers & media are always telling us about.


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