I Did It Just The Same

An instrumental with vocals. A futuristic scat singing style crossed with a synthesized dark alley-at-night atmosphere. Punctuated by Annie Lennox’s loud “huh” pushed out of her chest, and various “huuuuh” and “hmmmm” sounds. A loud & very precise kind of dance beat. It swirls around plenty of echo effects. Her singing is awesome, perfectly in rythmn with the bass. “Heeeeeeeyyyy, zump zump, boom boo boo boo, ayeeahh, oh boo doo ooooo.” It starts out so gentle with icy percussion and stillness before finally succumbing to its own confusion.



  1. Really interesting chords, this song is a great funky synth track! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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  2. Cheers…I didn’t want to choose a well known Eurythmics song. This was only a B side of a 45 inch single (jeez, that sounds archaic now!) but its still, as you commented…interesting.


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