He’s A Livin’ Doll

Britain’s greatest pop – not rock – star. He was there before the Beatles and a thousand other big hitters threatened to overshadow him. But he outlived them all. His voice is strong. Like his appearance, its innocent yet full of character. Its always clear, somewhere between baritone and tenor. I loved this song in 1980. After taping it off the radio, I would re-wind the cassette and play it over and over. It seemed hypnotic at the time. Its a mystery…. These days it would probably be banned for inciting perverted misogynistic violence and kidnapping. And Cliff would be questioned by the cops as to why he looks so damned happy that she’s missing. In fact, he seems to be enjoying himself a little too much here. 🙂


Do We Have A Live Audience Tonight?

I like a good impersonator of famous people from way back. And this guy is a real trouper, whoever he is, as its so unfashionable to take off oldies like Ed Sullivan (who?!) or President Nixon these days. Love those cool arm gestures in particular. So, it you wanna hire him just call the number on the screen. Two and a half minutes of awkward magic – all the way from Branson, Missouri. Where senior citizens bring their parents to have a little fun….

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