The Greatest Rock Band Ever

A dude looking like a bitch-mannequin, another like an apache. In the year this blogger was born too, but alas not “in a crossfire hurricane”. Back in the day when videos for songs were rare this was a work of art. Amazing bass riff. Fantastic lead guitar. This really lays the law down to the listener. Mick is at his most spastically irrepressible. The man is possessed. And that sneering chorus which must have made Lennon & Townshend green with envy that they hadn’t thought of it first. Jagger is rock’s greatest entertainer. Even if he just makes you laugh. He has a perpetual animal energy that is unique. He is always in motion.

While the Beatles were warbling “Hey Jude” here is Mick flashing his titties and dancing like a fag. With bare feet too! Very uncommon in ’68. So was the girly make up…The creativity of Jagger/Richards is so underrated because everything about the Stones seems so loose and spontaneous. No rock song has faded out like this one does either – with that blaring harmonica and organ. I can see the dust in the twilight of a lonely highway as a vehicle speeds away. How many rock hits can boast such an unforgettable title and a movie named after it many years later? Or a line like “I was raised by a bearded toothless hag!” This one can.



  1. “Mick is at his most spastically irrepressible.” Hilarious, couldn’t agree more! 😀


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