If They Were Just Being Kind They’d Put A Bullet Through You’re Head!

What I neglected to say in the previous post is that A Bit Of Fry & Laurie is my favourite comedy sketch show of them all. Now that there are videos here why not add some skits as well? This one showcases the cruelty and hysteria of Stephen Fry perfectly. Poor Hugh…


A Bit Of Fry & Laurie ( UK 1987–1994 )

neddy-and-jackCambridge graduates Fry and Laurie would, by their appearance and elocution, fit the bill of upper class twits perfectly. And certainly a lot of the humour on offer in this series does test your sense of subtlety to the limit. But these two pithy academics also seem to have an interest in lampooning the lower classes they seem to have less in common with, so the humour covers a wider section of society than those this might be slightly more aimed at. You can see where David Mitchell and Robert Webb got their idea of a sketch show from. These two chaps. The usual gripe, that is common to most sketch shows of the time, is the unnecessary inclusion of musical numbers, but that aside its a thoroughly enjoyable show. [Read more…]

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