Sticks (written by Karl Edward Wagner)

This is an audio version of a most unsettling horror story that was first published in 1974. The narrator is either too harsh in his delivery or his American accent is just more extreme than most. He seems to cut off or slur certain words but this is the only audio of it I could find. I’ve long admired this story and feel in the mood for listening rather than reading.


Not An Argument

May as well put up another video. This time its a very short exchange between the late Christopher Hitchens and an Australian/Iranian woman. I notice that she is wearing a figure-hugging top, exposing her arms and no head scarf. Despite her rambling fatuous argument about the Koran guarantees so many rights for women, she knows very well she could not dress like that in Tehran while being allowed to shout out arguments to men in public. In Iran women aren’t even allowed to expose their hair online! The police over there have arrested models for doing such a thing. Maybe this explains hypocritical ladies like this one, who enjoy all the freedoms (including that of public debate) of the West but still have that whining defensiveness about their cultural origins. I guess blood is thicker than water. If this woman enjoys so many rights in her country of origin then why does she live in Australia?

What’s In Granny Smith’s Juke Box?

barbara-shelleyTime to add a new category and throw some music into this blog. I feel like like it needs some sounds. I have eccentric tastes but my criteria is always thus: does it make me feel lighter, more ethereal…luminous….poetic? So I will rummage around in my virtual attic and make up a juke box of pieces that my granny would be proud of. Let’s kick off with this dignified TV theme tune even though I have to confess to not knowing who Roy Budd is. Enjoy! Or not.

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