Scream Blacula Scream (1973 USA)

scream-blacula-screamWe all have problems. But African princes who’ve been vampirized by Dracula himself probably carry an extra load. Very camp, very strange sequel to an already outrageous original. “Scream, Blacula, Scream” was the natural progression in the Blacula mythos: after having committed suicide by walking out into the sun in the original film, Mamuwalde (that’s Blacula to you) finds himself unwillingly resurrected by a jive talking voodoo shaman who is insanely jealous of Lisa, a sexy voodoo chick played by none other than Pam Grier.

Well, who wouldn’t be jealous of Pam Grier? The lady does seem to have it all. But Blacula is no instrument of revenge, and pretty soon a bunch of blue-faced vampires are running around again. Mamuwalde wants to use Lisa’s intense voodoo powers to perform an exorcism and remove the vampiric demon from him, perhaps rendering him human again. It’s an interesting premise, and the film is full of appealing locations and personalities. It goes wrong in the silly details though, like some hokey special effect shots of Blacula flying in bat form over Los Angeles, ending with a camp confrontation between Blacula and two jive-talking pimps who make the mistake of trying to mug him.

But there’s plenty of good to go around, too. The movie is full of hip and trendy people, both men and women, and the overall tone is very dark and frightening. The vampires violently attack their victims, and there are a number of memorable attacks that are pretty hair-raising. One finds a screaming young woman being stalked by two vampires in a large dark house; an extended chase sequence finds her confronted with both Willis and Mamuwalde, closing on her, until she faints from fright and Willis bites her. These are enough spoilers for anyone interested. Just go with it…the voodoo, the trash talk and those giant afros.

William Marshall plays Mamuwalde with his usual utter seriousness and dignity, but the film will never truly let his character be taken seriously. Blacula apparently has been taking some tips from Count Yorga, too, because he’s got a harem of vampire chicks following him around in this one. He also does that crazy thing Count Yorga did, running down the hallway toward victims with hands up in the air like claws, fangs bared, crazy look on his face. “S,B,S” seems to be considered vastly inferior by many, given its low ratings on ‘net websites. Admittedly it has some serious problems, and is cursed by an unsatisfying ending that seems to just…stop…before anything really happens. It is anything but a money shot and you will feel short changed. But I still dug it, and if you liked the first one, you probably will dig it, too.




  1. Excellent review as always! I loved the first one, so I’ll check this out too. I’ve always thought that ‘Mamuwalde’ is one of the best vampire names ever. 😎

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  2. Thanks. Yes its a distinctive name but a little too close to marmalade for my liking, lol.


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