Jurassic Park III (USA 2001)

jurassic_park_3_3“Jurassic Park III”, is essentially different from the first two. “Jurassic Park III” is a B-movie that has essentially dropped the dreadful exposition that we knew all too well in the first and even the second one. (Those precocious kids that Hollywood loves to include in so many flicks drove me up the wall, thus reducing my enjoyment) This time around it draws on old-fashioned suspense with our troubled heroes on the run. Plus it introduces new creatures. But it does fail in the department of character development, and the ending is too abrupt. However, among the highlights are some nifty parasailing scenes thrown in to the mix.

The Story: Years after the disaster at Jurassic Park, and its fellow island Site B, Alan Grant is peacefully working away as a paleontologist. But the lure of financial security to fund his projects is too good to pass up, which Grant reluctantly accepts from the Kirbys – a wealthy couple who persuade him to return to the island in hopes of a tour. But Grant soon learns of their ulterior motives, leaving all of them trapped on the island. Then they have the small task of trying to evade the reptilian residents who seem steadfast on getting rid of their guests.

Part 3 is better than the second one, especially the ridiculous climax from that sequel. Downers here are 1) a woman screaming “Eric!” approximately two hundred times. 2) Nerdy Sam Neill phoning in yet another bland performance. 3) We have another kid genius who can critique books written by palaeontologists. But there is less human carnage and more suspense jacked up. And there are fewer and more subtle surprises to be found in this one.  And JP 3 gets top marks for including the Pteranodons. If Adolf Hitler is ever reincarnated into a fantasy world Fourth Reich I’m sure these bad boys would be his new Luftwaffe.

These aerial lizards were the highlight for me. The bird cage and water-based scenes in the foggy atmosphere are spectacular. It’s obvious that part 3 could never match up to the magic of the first one, because it was all about timing, and in today’s post-Titanic, special effects–driven films, “Jurassic Park III” is just another entry that is nothing more than light entertainment. If you expect something like the original, you may be disappointed. But if you just want a straight through action adventure, then see “Jurassic Park III”. Director Joe Johnson definitely has a visual flair for action sequences. Don’t worry about plot flaws, or whether this one ‘lives up to’ the first two installments. This is a motion picture about dinosaurs sunbathing in Costa Rica. And the running time of 90 minutes is an added bonus.




  1. Thanks for sharing! The Jurassic Park films are always enjoyable as action entertainment.

    Speaking of action adventures, have you thought of reviewing The Mummy Trilogy (1999-2008) at some point? They’re rebooting it this year with Tom Cruise and the trailer for it looks terrible. 😮

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