Don’t Make The Black Kids Angry – The Hoax Of Black Victimization (Colin Flaherty)

book-cover“Without racism. Without rancor. And without apology.” This is Colin’s mantra. Politically correct liberals don’t want this information exposed because it doesn’t fit their pro-Black/ anti-White, agenda. With that in mind, many of the links Flaherty has in this book don’t work because YouTube has removed Flaherty’s account because he dares to speak the truth. But there are still numerous videos of Colin giving us the cold, hard facts. In a non-Western country these black teenage gangs would be called terrorists. In Western nations our Cultural Communist media label these thugs as misunderstood ‘victims’.

How many crimes can a dindu do if a dindu dindu nuffin? Those who don’t frequent naughty white nationalist web sites might be baffled by that preceding statement. Never mind your Cultural Marxist programming, you can buy the coffee mug or T shirt. Just don’t wear it outdoors where you may have to stroll past persons of colour. This could earn you the mother of all thrashings. Anyway, moving on to the review…The author isn’t stating opinions or writing fiction. He is simply reporting violent events that are clearly documented, often recorded on video, but rarely presented to the American public as black violence by the mainstream media. Instead they usually refer to the perpetrators of mob violence as “youths.” The MSM love codewords and euphemisms. Never the truth. This is Communism in action.

There is a serious problem with black violence and crime. Ignoring it will not make it go away. Black rioting and violence will result in more stereotyping of blacks as violent criminals to be feared. It has become expected that blacks will riot, loot, burn and murder, while the race baiters/media/black politicians encourage & enable them. Colin bravely continues his documentation of black violence which he started in his last book, “White Girl Bleed A Lot” – in fact he should receive a Pulitzer Prize for his reporting of this deadly social issue. The need to hide the truth, deny the facts, and distort the record of crimes committed by blacks in the United States is sad. The problems in black ghettos, which breed the antisocial behavior Mr. Flaherty captures for his readers, go unfixed as a result of this deliberate cover-up.

safe_image-1                      (‘Youth’ drug dealer and his victim. He shot dead a white girl for “the fun of it.”)

It is all to easy to blame whitey. If white victims are not available then Asians are ideal substitutes. Hispanics and Indians are also targeted by black youth. If people in their prime aren’t available, then the elderly are common targets too. (Mike Tyson used to brag about mugging old white ladies when he was aged just nine) The title of Flaherty’s latest book — I’m guessing it won’t be the last from Flaherty on this politically incorrect subject — comes from a quote by former Kansas City MO mayor Emanuel Cleaver. Cleaver, an African-American, is now a congressman. Kansas City — like just about every city in the country — has been plagued by fighting mobs of young black men, and more than a few sistas.

Shopping centers and movie theaters are popular venues for blacks fighting/rioting, as are nightclubs, gatherings of black college fraternities etc. Events like a gathering of black motorcyclists in places like Myrtle Beach, California and other “urban” events in Indianapolis, Miami Beach and other cities spread fear and mass police alerts. Local businesses plead with authorities for permission to close while these Black ‘community activities’ take place. Permission is denied and these poor business people are forced to open up, risking life and limb until these ‘celebrations’ are over. “In 2013, more and more people began to figure out that the traditional excuses — jobs, poverty, schooling, whatever — for black crime and mayhem were not really working any more.” Maybe they listened to Malcolm McClaren’s Duck Rock album too much. Gangsta rap/hip hop music is not good for the soul.

unnamed                             (They be good boys…they ain’t dun nuffin. It all be da white man’s fault!)

“Now they have a new excuse. The ultimate excuse: White racism is everywhere. White racism is permanent. White racism explains everything…and right away, you can see the enormous difference between what they said happened and what really happened.” You will read about a young mother with two children who found a group of black people burglarizing her home. After she called police, large groups of black people taunted, harassed, vandalized, threatened, and finally burned down her house. The police shrugged their shoulder and said there was not much they could do. Hard to believe, but you’ll get a link to this 911 call, and you can hear it for yourself. You’ll also learn about the massive black on Asian violence against more than 1000 recent Asian immigrants that city officials blamed on Asian naiveté and said that was not unusual because it happens to all immigrants. You’ll read about 40,000 black people destroying a tourist town merely because some said they “did not feel welcome.”

lvchicago11n                      (More “youths” – this time playing the Knockout Game. Nothing to see here.)

This book contains an amazing 915 footnotes and links to supporting information. Maybe one or two spelling mistakes in a 468 page book, an insignificant number to say the least. The problem is, the book is so good it’s depressing. Page after page after page of assaults, rapes, murders of whites. Malls eventually destroyed from repeated black riots, lives destroyed in a hundred different ways. Colin’s wry humor skillfully skewers the hypocrisy of those who make their living with labels, yet adamantly refuse to put accurate labels on those doing the dirty deeds and bringing what should be recognized as shame on their brotherhood of apologists. As he puts it, if this wasn’t such a prevalent trend — or if the media covered it honestly — there wouldn’t be a need for these books. (In other words, don’t shoot the messenger for reporting the facts). There is an information overload, but as Colin writes at the end, “This book is not finished as much as it is abandoned. I had to stop somewhere.”

Some readers may feel I am being racist (a meaningless term invented by Trotsky in 1927 to quell dissent in the USSR , and still being used to quell dissent today) with this post but I’ll let John F Kennedy answer that one. His words sum up our media’s deceptive brainwashing – “The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie — deliberate, contrived, and dishonest — but the myth — persistent, persuasive, and unrealistic.” And don’t our media love to conjure up myths, whether its about black people always being victimized, apartheid South Africa, the evil of white males, the heroically misunderstood state of Israel, feminism, the saint-like status of Mandela or Martin Luther King, Arab nationalism, World War Two, Joe McCarthy’s paranoia, the Migrant Invasion of Europe, Diversity, etc. You name it and you’ll eventually find out the mainstream media is telling you the exact opposite of what really happened. Or who are the real villains, heroes, victims or perpetrators. But I should end on my usual whimsical note. Just remember teenyboppers: don’t make the black kids angry….Okay? Or they’ll give you an ass whipping you won’t forget. But the media will.



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