The Creature From Jekyll Island (G Edward Griffin)

attaque-fed-jim-sinclairThe crime of not only the century but the millenium was perpetrated in 1913 when the Federal Reserve system was created and it has been performing a constant rape of the United States ever since. It has even grown to take over the entire world’s money supply. You will be astonished to read the way it was done and the bitter, vile consequences of this ghastly creation. Again, do not read this book if you want to continue the illusion that you are free.

A 600 page riveting expose of the greatest scam in history. Read the book if you’ve ever wondered about various events that have taken place in the U.S. which didn’t seem to have adequate explanations. For example, how was it that the U.S. got into World War I when the American government had pledged neutrality at the time? Why did the US give away the Panama Canal, with all of its revenues, to the government of Panama?…The Federal Reserve has been loaning money to nearly every country in the world through the help of the International Monetary Fund, and the World Bank, which is the arm of the IMF to actually disburse the money to other countries. They don’t even expect the loans to be paid back; the banks renegotiate and extend the loans, thereby making even more money; and if the banks get overextended—who guarantees their loans? That’s right, the American taxpayers! 

creature-from-jekyll-islandHe explains how banks create “money” out of nothing — every time you deposit $1 in a bank, the bank, on average, lends out $10. The $9 difference has no meaningful backing — no gold, no silver, no savings, no production — nothing. But the bankers charge interest on each of those ten dollars. This is called “fractional reserve” banking, another harmless sounding name for economic poison. And politicians cheer on and protect the Fed because the Fed allows the government to spend more and more by issuing debt. Griffin cuts through all the high-sounding jargon and reassuring platitudes surrounding the “independent” Federal Reserve and its (deliberately) confusing programs to “stimulate” or “correct” the economy.

He exposes it for what it is once you cut through all the claptrap (“discount rate,” FOMC meetings, etc): a very effective scheme for major banks to profit at our expense with little risk and with the enthusiastic cooperation of politicians who benefit from being able to issue an endless supply of debt to fund their schemes. As for Greece, they have gone bankrupt due to all the loans Goldman Sachs gave them in 2003. Like the vampire squid they are, Goldman knew Greece would go bankrupt—that’s the beauty of the plan. “Quantitative easing” is a euphemism for mass counterfeiting, theft on a grand scale. If the general public understood what Ben Bernanke is really doing to their money, they’d call for his head. And when the guillotine blade fell and lopped off his repulsive head (no doubt suffused with Keynesian cancer), I can assure you I wouldn’t shed a single tear for this white-collar “Super Thug.”



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