Taste The Blood Of Dracula (1970 UK)

taste the blood of dracula“Taste the Blood of Dracula” starts where “Dracula has raised from the Grave” ended, when traveling salesman by the name of Weller (played by Roy Kinnear) is pushed from the wagon he was travelling in. After a brief moment he pulls himself together and hears a loud scream from deep in the forest. He goes to investigate and finds the Count impaled in a golden cross, watching in horror as Dracula disintegrates into a red powder-like substance.

Weller decides to take the powder with him and all of Dracula’s belonging. Later we see a group of three English businessmen with their families in church. But that’s only a cover – for these three chaps leave their families every Sunday night, apparently to help the poor and feed the hungry, but really they visit the ladies of a knocking shop (brothel). While the three businessmen are having their usual fun they are interrupted by Lord Courtley – (played by Ralph Bates) he is a black magic practitioner and invites the three businessmen to participate in a satanic ritual, promising them that he will expand their pleasures. But first they must buy from Weller Dracula’s blood and artifacts for him to perform the ritual.

First the businessmen hesitate but they are easily deceived by Lord Courtley & later they perform the ritual in an abandoned church. After Courtley drinks the blood he falls to the ground in pain and the fearful trio impulsively kick him to death! After leaving the body of Courtley lifeless on the ground the body of Courtley transforms in the Count Dracula. After this Dracula promise the revenge of his servant (Courtley) by hypnotizing the daughters of the businessmen and making them murder their own fathers. Dracula is like a puppet master in this movie and his participation is more in the shadows but still has a strong feel to it.

The acting by the entire cast was superb, (some deadpan) from the likes of Geoffrey Keen, Peter Sallis and John Carson as the three gentlemen, but especially from Ralph Bates. The costumes, art direction, photography, and directing was one of the best in the Dracula series. This is worth adding to your dvd collection if you like Hammer Draculas. Atmosphere galore and the great performances makes this a must see. This is the last real period Dracula from the studio that dripped blood. Things got quite silly and too way out in the three Draculas that were made after this one. If you are a Hammer fan and want to make your own Dracula movie marathon, this film should be in your collection.



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