No Sex Please, We’re British (1973 UK)

No SPWBThere was an era when British stage comedy was at it’s zenith with plays that became known as Whitehall Farces. So named because they were always staged at the Whitehall theatre, and produced by Brian Rix. Many were later filmed and enjoyed success on the big screen and “No Sex Please” is one of them. Ideal light entertainment if you are stuck in a hotel in North Wales on a very wet weekend. No foul language, no extreme violence, no Americans! 

After some local pornographers accidentally start posting their stock of smut to the local Barclays Bank, the First Cashier and Assistant Manager think that they might get the blame for it, due to a coincidence of names. So in a desperate attempt to hide the filth from their anti~pornography campaigning Bank Manager, they resort to more and more frantic methods of concealment, with the only problem being, that the porn keeps coming…

The idea of a load of stuffy bankers accidentally taking possession of a load of smut means that the film is so primed with potential farcical japes that it would almost be impossible not to have any laughs. With that in mind it could quite easily have appeared to be a dated film trying to do something which had become tired a decade before this was released. Not so. Ronnie Corbett runs away with the show and is highly funny throughout. The script is very slick indeed and never relents in its desire to make you laugh. The humour is very much the slapstick and visual kind, with only a very few actual ‘jokes’, and most of those are plays on amusing Blue Film titles, but that never leaves you short-changed at all.

All of the cast (especially Ronnie Corbett) are on fine form and scamper across the scenes with boundless energy. Beryl Reid is wonderful as the acerbic mother-in-law who keeps getting in the way. Ian Ogilvy and Susan Penhaligon are a very likeable, sympathetic couple while Arthur Lowe plays his usual character: Arthur Lowe! There are also a few enjoyable cameos. Not only do we see Carry On lovely pieces of totty – Margaret Nolan and Valerie Leon – who didn’t look like she had aged from the last time I had seen her semi-naked, ( in Carry On Girls, and not at the foot of my bed armed with a bottle of massage oil & a one-way ticket to Siberia for my wife). If the kind of daft farce with lots of silly innuendo is not for you then avoid this obviously. But if you like to be made to chuckle and don’t mind seeing Valerie Leon in her undergarments, then buy this right away! Perhaps my favourite comedy film.

no sex please we're british



  1. Looks hilarious, I’ll have to check out this film! Great review! 🙂

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