OMA011“You will never be fulfilled by giving your physical body, your heart and your intellect what they ask for. Why? Because you are neglecting your soul, which is hungry and thirsty too. You have to feed your physical body, your heart and your intellect, but you cannot leave it at that. Indeed the fact that more and more men and women resort to taking drugs is a warning sign.

It is a sign that the soul is not able to make itself understood, it is suffocating, it wants to travel in infinite spaces and find the celestial regions. But drugs cannot satisfy the soul, and what is more, they destroy the body. And human beings, poor creatures that they are, do not know how to interpret the language of the soul. Drugs will never be a solution, because it is something given to the physical body, and it is not the body that is wanting to escape. The need to escape comes from the soul. It is therefore the soul that finally needs to be fed.”

“Why do you limit yourself to the contacts you make on the physical plane with human beings? There are other beings to encounter in the universe and with whom you can establish relationships. Every day you have the possibility not only to link yourselves with the luminous entities who populate the universe, but to draw them nearer to you. So address yourselves to them: ‘Come, celestial friends, come make your dwelling place in me.’

You can also add: ‘Lord God, Divine Mother, Holy Trinity, all angels and archangels, servants of God and of light, my entire being belongs to you; make use of me for the glory of God, for his kingdom and justice on earth.’ Pronounce these words is the true consecration. If you do not know how to invite the celestial spirits, do not be surprised when other entities, in no way celestial, come and establish themselves in you without waiting for an invitation! It is up to you to decide who you want for inhabitants.”

“There are so many events each day that can make your life heavy, gloomy and, above all, mundane! But you must not allow these events to influence you. There are so many possible ways to avoid becoming weighed down and gloomy! Just think about the magnificent garden of Paradise and say to yourself that you are a flower in that divine garden – a flower with magnificent colours and a delightful perfume.

It cannot speak, sing, dance or play a musical instrument; it is simply there with its shapes, colours and perfume, and the greatest artists go into ecstasy before it… And then, if you know how to be like a flower, why would the heavenly spirits not also come to gaze at you in wonder ? They will say, ‘Oh! this sweet flower, how pretty it is!’ and they will bend down to you to add a few more subtleties to your colours and perfume. Is that not an image that can help you withstand heaviness and darkness and live a poetic life?”

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov (1900 – 1986)

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