One Hundred Proposals (Holly Martin)

One-Hundred-Proposals-by-Holly-MartinThis book, my first chick – lit review, is one for the optimist in all of us. I may even read another one from this author. So get out your passport – because with Holly Martin’s novel, you are about to go around the world in the search of the perfect proposal. The journey is filled with laughs, misunderstandings, and most of all, love between two people who are afraid to share that sentiment with each other.

This story follows Harry and Suzie, best friends and perfect proposal planners. They embark on an incredible journey to find the perfect proposal, which finds them travelling the world, with a proposal a day for 100 days. But is it a PR stunt to increase business or are these two best friends in for some heart break? I was instantly mesmerized by Harry and Suzie and their beautiful friendship. I knew straight away this was going to be a book that pulled at the heart strings, but one which would be heart warming too. And boy it did not disappoint. Holly delivered and then some.

There were unexpected twists and turns, which literally left me tied up with suspense and desperate to find out what would happen to two intriguing characters. I fell in love with Harry and Suzie from page one, they had such depth and likeability about them that they felt as though they could literally step from the pages. One Hundred Proposals is full to the brim with beautiful descriptions of various exotic destinations and locations around the world which I would love to visit. Each location was so beautifully described, that I could vividly picture them in my mind, something which I can often find difficult. And then there are the proposals, each was stunning and quite literally magical.

The book is perfectly paced and beautifully written, the descriptions and plot are majestic. I could not get enough of this story and quickly devoured it. It was a book which was quick and easy to read, but delivered on so many levels and certainly played on my emotions. This a book which I plan on reading again and again. I can not even begin to verbalize just how much I loved this book and why to me it is simply perfect. Anyone wanting that perfect summer chick lit read, One Hundred Proposals is the book for you. The stunning cover only gives the reader a glimpse of the beautiful story within. This is a majestic, all consuming story which you will struggle to tear yourself away from.


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