Daily Meditations (quotes from Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov)

5413625317_c2796a7564_m1) “Tradition has it that in Paradise, in the Garden of Eden, Eve’s scent surpassed that of all the flowers. But after the original sin, which represents a descent into the darkest regions of consciousness, she lost her ability to distill scents, and the flowers no longer recognized her. Flowers are pure and chaste and have no astral desire, and seeing the fault Eve had committed, they no longer imparted their virtues to her as they had before.

It is because women still have an unconscious memory of their former state in Paradise that they feel the need to wear perfume. In fact, it is possible for them to recover this scent, but only by re-establishing in themselves their original state of purity, through thoughts, and especially feelings and desires, of the greatest purity.”

2) “You are prepared to run here and there seeking help and remedies for your inner malaise, and yet you never take recourse in the light, this light in which you are immersed. Yes, when you feel tired, discouraged, and disappointed, try to think of the light, this light which impregnates the entire universe. Concentrate on it and imagine that it circulates within you; not only will it purify your psychic organism, but, to some degree, your physical organism as well. As a result you will feel soothed, regenerated, and, as you recover your taste for life, capable of taking up your activities once again. The most effective method for taking in this light is to give thanks to God and to bless His name. That is why you must get into the habit of repeating several times a day: ‘Thank you, thank you, Lord, thank you for life, thank you for the light. May your name be blessed throughout eternity.'”

moon litt beach

3) “Are you looking for love? This explains why you cannot find it. You may say: ‘But I need love, and how will I find it if I don’t look for it?’ If you really want to find love, then love, and stop looking for it. You will see, it is love that will pursue you, and even if you want to get rid of it, you will not be able to. You will chase it out the door and it will come back through the window! Yes, as soon as you stop looking for love and decide to give it instead, it will appear. The more you look for it, the more remote it will become. It is as if you were chasing your own shadow; it runs in front of you and you cannot catch up with it. When you look for love from others, you concentrate on something outside yourself; you distance yourself from the treasure within you and eventually lose it. This is how it works. Instead of looking for love, give it, constantly renew it in yourself and you will always feel its presence within you. It will always be there smiling at you, gazing on you kindly.”


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