Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey (1993 USA)

Homeward.bound_dvd_coverThis is a remake of the 1963 oldie ‘The Incredibly Journey’. Surprisingly, the plot is almost identical but this one is superior. The biggest difference is that this version is more for the big screen and has far more humour. Another big difference is that the animals talk here, which is good because they only talk by telepathy. If they moved their lips like people, or like animals do in cartoons, it would be too unreal so top marks for that.

The story opens at the Bernford residence. They’ve got three kids, Peter, Hope and Jamie. Mom, Laura, has wed Bob Severe (Airplane!’s Robert Hays). The kids are getting adjusted to their new father. The kids each have a pet: Peter, the eldest, has Shadow, an elderly golden retriever, Hope has Sassy, a sassy Himalayan feline, and Jamie has Chance, an adopted Bulldog. Anyway, Chance was rescued from the pound. He used to live out on the streets. Bob’s got to go to San Fransisco on business and he’s taking his new family there with him, only the pets can’t come. Luckily, Laura had a friend named Kate who owned a farm outside town and she was delighted to take in the animals.

They still feel abandoned though, but Shadow was confident that Peter would return. Then, Kate had to go on a stock drive with her horses, leaving the animals alone. Shadow felt something was up so he jumped the fence and was determined to head for home. Sassy and Chance followed behind. Little did they know that they were many, many miles from home. Along the way, they encounter bears, mooses, and porcupines. They even find a lost little girl and when she is found, the pets are taken to the pound. They were being held there for their owners, but they didn’t know that, so they escaped. This is a nice family movie, one to treasure. Certainly one to put a smile on the faces of those who appreciate these films.

This is one to watch when you are feeling low or if you’ve been taking in too much negativity – and most entertainment aimed at adults today is pretty immoral and nasty. But this is an antidote to all that – very uplifting. It’s dramatic, full of adventure, highly entertaining, charming, nostalgic and heartwarming. Cinematography is wonderful (with dazzling landscapes/scenery of the magnificent Sierra mountains). Speaking of the vistas, it’s not all mountains: forests, trees, rivers, waterfalls, sunsets… in conclusion, all of pure nature’s wonders – truly a full panorama. And I haven’t talked about the soundtrack, which is more than capable of making the most emotional sequences even more powerful. And yes, if you have a heart, you will weep at certain places on the journey so keep that handkerchief ready.




  1. I’ve loved this movie ever since I was little! Excellent review, thanks for sharing! πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You are so kind! It is a heartwarming movie to be sure. πŸ™‚


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