Archer (USA 2009 – 2016)

Archer-e1395687273292It’s like James Bond became an abusive alcoholic and everyone he works with are insane. It looks pretty and is well animated. It’s full of funny jokes and best of all it has a story line that runs through out the whole series. I love Archer because it doesn’t have a new story every episode and forgetting what happened last time. You get to know the characters and see them develop as the episode goes on. The show doesn’t shy away from change.

The characters are horrible people, if you met them in real life you would hate them, but in the show you can’t help but accept everyone involved. The series also introduces loads of new characters that stick around or return every now and then for an episode. Sterling Archer – code name “Duchess” – (H Jon Benjamin is absolutely perfect in this role) is neurotic, superficial, obnoxious, narcissistic, and dealing, like most men, with awkward mother issues. However for each of his flaws there is a grandiose compensation in raw talent. His superb combat skills are only outmatched by his wit. His command of the English language, as well as Russian, is borderline educational for the viewers.

archer-likeingatorFrom an insane scientist, that uses his coworkers as lab rats, to a pot smoking secretary, all characters bring something unique to the show. What makes the Sterling Archer character so funny is the fact that he really believes he’s a lot smarter than he actually is. He’s a clueless wonder in a black turtleneck. While the other main characters are great (sexy spy/former love interest Lana, steel hearted mother/head of Isis Malory, numbers-man/nerd extraordinaire Cyril), it’s the secondary characters in this show that make me laugh out loud. Particularly “any way the wind blows” ball buster Pam, and the hilariously demented head scientist, Krieger. What makes this show truly amusing is clever writing, excellent graphics, and wonderful voice work. You could go blind from the heightened dose of smug jackassery – the dialogue zings back and forth like flying bullets.

I am saddened that a terrorist group (who I will not name here) has screwed the show (Phrasing!) Sometimes, after being pounded from pillar to post by the crazed plot-lines I find myself saying what is coming next? (Phrasing!) There are people who criticize the series because of the the sex, sex, and more SEX theme. The mistreatment of women. Alcoholism. Racism. Drugs. Over the top violence. And the extremely edgy political tone the series sets. Now I can’t tell everyone what to do but if you like South Park for its satire, or James Bond for its coolness, you will probably fall in love with Archer. As for me, my favourite character is Woodhouse. You cant’t get more funny than old and wrinkly. My favourite line is โ€œSour mix in a margarita? What is this? Auschwitz?!โ€




  1. This review is perfection! Couldn’t agree more, this show is HILARIOUS and a must-see, especially for any lover of shows like South Park, Ugly Americans and the Venture Bros! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. I cannot tell a lie…I had some fun typing this one out! ๐Ÿ™‚


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