American Dad (2005 – 2016 USA)

ADTheOneThatGotAwayOne of my favourite TV shows, just slightly behind King Of The Hill when it comes to adult cartoon comedies. The cream on this particular cake is Roger the Alien: he is the most obnoxious, dramatic, and careless character on this show. He’s a drug addict, alcoholic, cross-dresser that loves acting and pretending to be other people. A lovable sociopath. He comes off as more feminine than masculine and literally has to complain and insult others to survive. Let’s have a tiny taste of a few of his many greatest moments….

ad 1

ad 2

american dad 1

american dad 2

americand dad 3

ad r

adr 3

adr 4




  1. Yes, yes, so much yes! American Dad is a fantastic show and Roger is at the heart of it all! “8 in the morning? Is that like a hard 8 or can I roll in around noon?” – the words I’ve wanted to say to my boss for the longest time ha ha! ALL HAIL ROGER! 😀

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  2. Well said Marina! People who haven’t seen Roger in action don’t know what they are missing. He is the Man of the show in every effeminate way. 🙂


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