THE BIG SLEEP (1946 United States)

big sleep 1The Big Sleep’s greatest strength is its delightfully droll dialogue. This film almost defies plot analysis but it doesn’t really matter. It is enjoyable whether you are watching for the first or fiftieth time. Raymond Chandler’s Philip Marlowe was a frequent sufferer at the hands of cops and hoods and in many ways a loser. Humphrey Bogart’s masculine charisma on the big screen turned him into a winner. [Read more…]


The City and the Stars (Arthur C Clarke)

book coverFrom the moment it begins, with the protagonist playing an immersive, virtual reality, on-line multi-player computer game known as a ‘Saga’, to the famous quotation “No Machine may have any moving parts”, Clarke creates a world that is instantly recognizable to us even though this novel was first published in 1956. [Read more…]

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