Jason And The Argonauts (1963 UK/USA)

ancient greeceI’m sure it takes some artistic license in retelling the myth, most notably how it’s rushed conclusion neglects to finish the whole story. But it manages to convey such strong suspension of disbelief I find myself not minding. A very-colourful idea-level-fantasy from the 1960s. This was a stop-motion animation project, and an unusually strong production at that. [Read more…]


The Old Curiosity Shop (Charles Dickens)

TheOldCuriosityShop-no-logoMost people will know the plot and perhaps even the fate of the main character(s) before starting. I won’t mention these here (and as ever be cautious about the introduction which may give details away). The serial process of writing for a magazine or newspaper shows through, I think, as the action is episodic and not particularly cleverly structured. [Read more…]

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