The Bees (Laline Paull)

beesFlora 717, is a sanitation worker bee – the lowest class of the hive – with unusual strength and the ability to talk (usually reserved for the higher classes). Due to these differences, Flora experiences a number of jobs in the hive, allowing her to build up quite an understanding of how things work (and helping to keep the reader engaged). ‘The Bees’ is definitely aimed at adults, with gore, violence and adult themes popping up throughout the book; but the overall feel of the novel contradicts this. [Read more…]


The Land That Time Forgot (1975 UK/USA)

forgotEdgar Rice Burroughs surely had an amazing imagination. He is best remembered for authoring Tarzan, Barsoom and Pellucidar. The Land that Time Forgot is one of his lesser known works. Like most of his stories, this one has some really bizarre notions about science. This story features a lost land where evolution actually runs…er…backwards. [Read more…]

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