Horror Of Dracula (1958 United Kingdom)

horror-of-dracula-melissa-stribling-christopher-lee-1958(Don’t get too excited. This was just a publicity shot to help the men in plastic macs to their seats at the back of the theatres) Not another bloody Hammer Horror from before your mother was born I hear ye cry? Yep. You’ll just have to get used to it. If you are a frequent visitor to this blog – yes, he does exist! – let’s just say this will be the cross you have to bear. [Read more…]


Skyfall (2012 United Kingdom)

bond3(This may be the post that I go full retard, but its worth it!) Bond doesn’t even blink when the girl he just bedded gets shot in cold blood. He acknowledges Severine is an abused sex slave, then he jumps into the shower. I had little problem with Bond tricking a woman into bed in the past. But the Skyfall scene should land him on the list of registered sex-offenders. There are a lot of questions in this review, and like Hillary Clinton, I can’t answer any of them. [Read more…]

Wayne’s World (1992 USA)

cashI am probably not worthy to write this review…not! Two long haired slackers plot world domination from their parents’ basements and absolutely refuse to sell out to the Man. It’s all too easy nowadays to dismiss this as little more than a collection of annoying catchphrases, childish pranks and moronic moments. But that would be a shame because this stands up well thanks to it’s wealth of pop-culture references, it’s mix of the sublime and ridiculous. [Read more…]

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