The Night Stalker (1972 USA)

nightstalker(This review is dedicated to Jeff Rice, who came up with such a great book idea originally) There’s more than one kind of blood sucker in the neon-drenched city of Lost Wages. Produced in 18 days by director Dan Curtis on a low budget, The Night Stalker became a ratings champion, socking America’s TV watching audience to the jaw with a massive left hook. On January 11, 1972 it gained 54% of all US viewers. This was a record for that time. [Read more…]


STALINGRAD (Antony Beevor)

Children’s_Dance_fountain_in_Stalingrad,_23_August_1942“I admit I find Beevor a bit lightweight,” says Martin in the TV comedy Peep Show. “Yeah, he’s rubbish” Mark agrees, in shock. Martin continues: “he’s fine for an overview.” Mark can’t help himself now. “Yeah, I read him just for the overview. I get the detail elsewhere.” Many a word said in jest, but I didn’t expect these ones to be so true. You see, this author is an English public schoolboy. He was educated at Winchester and Sandhurst so he’s one of the Establishment. The doors of the publishing world are always open to his entitled kind. There will be no rebellious David Irving–type surprises here.
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