Something to Tide You Over (1982 Creepshow USA)

cap016My favourite story from the popular box office hit that contained four others in a portmanteau format. There is something uniquely creepy about a cold deserted beach with a ghostly wind blowing. Nicely named too: Comfort Point. It looks and feels so desolate.

The plot: Richard (Leslie Nielsen) is a man whose jealousy reaches psychotic proportions as he buries his wife (Gaylen Ross) and her lover (Ted Danson) in the sand and watches them drown on his private television security system. Offering a chance to prove their love for each other, he puts them in a special trap on his privately owned beach before the tide comes to take them away. He even extends them the kindness of a television set to accompany them near their final moments. When he has his revenge, he believes he has finally rid himself of them. Returning to his home, he finds that their vengeance will come to play. The general concept is creepy enough, and the sequences on the beach are simply masterful. This story is full of suspense and is quite different from the usual affair offered in these entries.

The fact that the camera stays on the helpless couple being buried for so long , makes them (in the viewer’s mind) seem more in peril than usual. Later on, at the climax of the story, the full reveal of the corpses is quite nice, as they look hideously scary and the make-up is spectacular. The revenge stalking scenes are absolutely brilliant, and the early set-ups with the monitors and shadows are excellent. The one thing that makes this drag out is that it takes a little long to get to its payoff. The conclusion is foregone, there’s just a lot to get there before it happens. Like the other four tales, this is scary in a Comic Book way because whenever something intense happens there are red, green and blue colours luridly flashing in the background, behind the characters. This grabs the viewer’s attention, with not only what happens to the characters, but also the visuals. Top marks for very black humour too.

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  1. In my younger days I remember being scared by this terrifying tale! Definitely worth a watch for all horror fans. >:D

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  2. I can only say I totally agree with you! 🙂


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