Ricky Gervais Live: Politics

Politics Ricky GervaisOne of his four stand up shows that have sold truckloads of dvds. From a London stage Ricky Gervais covers all sorts of topics with a vague connection to politics and daily life. The connections are perhaps a little thin, but Gervais certainly says the stuff that the rest of us are either too scared to say, or just have the decency not to even think of saying.

I don’t know where to categorize this so under Television it shall be. The material doesn’t really have much of a flow because Gervais is just out to shock and the laughs come mainly from the surprise of hearing what he has said, rather than it being actually that clever or witty. Gervais takes everything to extremes and, by doing so, he is quite funny but it doesn’t really stay with you. I laughed quite a bit though because shocking humour does tickle my funny bone. Some might say this is sarcasm masquerading as satire, and this guy is really full of bigotry. I don’t care if he is. But there is a lack of humility and Ricky’s voice can be grating.

My main gripe with the show was its length. It came in at 70-odd minutes long, and while that in itself is short, it was further compounded by the fact that Ricky Gervais kept walking back and forth for water, or notes, etc. Which leads to the second gripe of the show, which is the fact that while this was stand up comedy the show seemed incredibly…tame. I don’t mean the jokes were bad, but the show seemed very structured and prepared so at times it seemed almost like a comic lecture rather than a stand up like Billy Connolly, Robin Williams or Ross Noble who will go off on tangents and keep the atmosphere loose.

For cheap laughs he takes a stab at the Holocaust, ten ways how – not – to – have anal sex, 93 year old ladies being scarred for life, ridiculing the disabled, Chinese supervisors sexually assaulting sleeping workers, middle – aged gay men protesting to lower the age of consent for teenage boys, mothers and sons walking in on each other while furiously masturbating, the embarrassing futility of protest songs, Stephen Hawking being physically abused by his nurse & how irritating Mahatma Gandhi could be. Why does Ricky G choose these sort of topics? Because he cares. Scoff all ye may but it might be true. He wants to give something back to society – who in turn give substantial amounts of their money into Mr G’s bank account. Some of my favourite lines: “I stayed in a 2 star hotel in Dunstable. Full of white trash. Me! I don’t want to deny my roots but I’m out of that now…”



  1. Ricky Gervais truly is a joy when it comes to risqué humour. Brilliant review!

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  2. Thank you! He is a scream, as the older generation might say.


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