The Prisoner (1967 UK)

prisoneSometimes you just have to shut off the TV of today and return to the boob tube from the dark ages. Courtesy of dvd mostly, of course. The Prisoner is one of those entertainment thingys you can watch as fluff action-adventure one day, or as a mysterious drama with secret messages for you to decode the next time you give it a whirl. [Read more…]


Masque Of The Red Death (Edgar Allan Poe)

Lon ChaneyDream in the language of dream, with an imagery shining forth in a symphony of sound and colour. Not to get too pretentious about it, but Masque is the greatest short story of the last 200 years. It contains a Biblical weight and foreboding tone that resonates in the reader’s back teeth. This is an Old Testament horror from the Prophet of Doom himself!

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Jurassic World (2015 USA)

jurassic worldWhile the set up is predictable as well as it’s outcome, this is a fun two hours of distraction. I would put J W in the same category as most 21st century Hollywood films; the story line won’t make you think, the characters won’t go through any psychological changes but you will be thoroughly entertained by the special effects. That’s what many people watch movies for – to be blown away by the sheer visual spectacle. [Read more…]

Ricky Gervais Live: Politics

Politics Ricky GervaisOne of his four stand up shows that have sold truckloads of dvds. From a London stage Ricky Gervais covers all sorts of topics with a vague connection to politics and daily life. The connections are perhaps a little thin, but Gervais certainly says the stuff that the rest of us are either too scared to say, or just have the decency not to even think of saying. [Read more…]

At The Mountains Of Madness (H P Lovecraft)

LovecraftThis author’s Achilles heel was dialogue, no doubt about that. However, At The Mountains of Madness has none, therefore it is simply page after page of what Lovecraft does best: narrate. He put together so many ideas, including a mythos that many writers today continue to use. As for this 110 page story – its  frightening, as the setting is so lonely. [Read more…]

Force Majeure (2014 Sweden)

pegasus_LARGE_t_1581_106451741Yet another European tale about the hidden misery of the bored and comfortable. Force Majeure requires some patience, but if you’re immune to the slow, steady, painfully long-take language of auteurs such as Aki Kaurismaki, then you are sure to be in good hands. At least its far more realistic than what Hollywood considers a disaster picture. Thank goodness. [Read more…]

Pit And The Pendulum (1961 USA)

pit and the pendulum The original tale of one man’s descent into torture, madness and near-death at the hands of a bunch of terrifyingly faceless tormentors becomes even more creepy as a ‘whodunit’. It also helped immensely that screenwriter Richard Matheson was on a roll. He breathed new life into Poe’s classic-if-fusty material, giving it a wicked, almost contemporary spin. [Read more…]

The Curse Of The Werewolf (1961 United Kingdom)

cursewerewolf By the early 60s director Terence Fisher was still regarded as Hammer’s best director, and his remarkable work here is definitely on par with the previous classics he had made at that point. Fisher puts to great use the lavishly built sets and makes this one of his most beautiful looking films despite the budget constrains, he creates a Gothic atmosphere of impeding doom that suits perfectly Anthony Hinds’ story. [Read more…]

Escape From New York (1981 USA)

escape_from_new_york_crimson_quill-2 In 1981 New York’s Times Square was filled with pawn shops, strip joints, peep shows, drug addicts and prostitutes. It seems worlds away from the Disney stages and suburban mall feel that has taken its place. Between 1965 and 1980, Americans watched the hearts of their largest cities degenerate into havens for the miserable, misbegotten, and mislead. [Read more…]

Why Say It With Flowers?

When you can say it with other people’s memes? This will be a change from my usual stuffy reviews. I churn out so many of those that eventually I will probably disappear up one of them, never to return. But the quotes below can speak for me today. I think I agree with them. Goes without saying I hope you are shocked and offended…I am!  🙂 [Read more…]

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