I’m Looking Through YouTube (For Funny Beatles comments)

beatles-1969Some people’s favourite band have always generated vast amounts of personal opinion from the public. It seems inexhaustible and I am guilty of adding to it here. Paul gets bashed the most, but I found insults aimed at all four. Yes, it can be much fun to read strangers opinions on all this analyzing of Liverpool’s Fab Three (+ Ringo)…with add – ons from this blogger.

“Harrison didn’t lack self-awareness. He lacked the desire to drop Paul’s body off in the Thames. A desire I suspect most people would have had a hard time resisting if placed in his shoes.” True. Not only did George and John carry a grudge against McCartney until death, five members of Wings also walked out on Paul during the 1970’s. No smoke without fire.

“Harrison was a bit of a Drama Queen himself. Lennon could be a Drama Queen. The only guy who wasn’t a drama queen at times was Ringo. Or maybe even Ringo had his Drama Queen moments, we just didn’t hear about them.” Oh, he had them alright. In the privacy of his own hearing. 

“Harrison was in a potentially tough spot emotionally in ’63-’67: far less talented than most of the other three guys in his own band, and being seen by the world to be. Worse singer, worse songwriter, and John and Paul were even both taking good guitar solos on some of the records sometimes, too…in a hard business, Harrison and Starr were treated very well. And Harrison was spoiled almost his whole life — he got to be the lead guitarist for John Lennon from age fourteen to age twenty-six, meeting girls in Hamburg largely because of the talent of two other guys, etc. — so he lacked perspective about how lucky he was.” George was John’s bitch and loved every minute of it. But he didn’t enjoy taking the bitch seat for Paul.

“Imagine if you’d never heard of Paul McCartney, and knew nothing of all the cultural baggage that comes with the name, and you saw this video. You’d think that this guy was a dick. I love the Beatles, but I’ve enough intelligence to separate my liking of someone’s work and the person. Come on mate, his ego is off the charts (like most of his music in the last 20 years).” Harsh but unfortunately true. Paul lacks the self-awareness necessary to know when he’s being overbearing with his peers.

bron     (The Feminist Beatles – after they kicked out John )

“Did George EVER stop whining when he was a Beatle?  Poor rich and famous me … I am such a victim … wah wah wah … and his fans are worse …biggest bunch of whiners on the planet,”  He was born to be bitter. Being surly and resentful of Paul in particular, and to a lesser extent the band’s legacy, actually gave George his identity. Using Indian culture was the other crutch he leaned on. Someone leaves a sitar lying around on the set of Help! and George sees this as a whole new identity he can sell to the public. Lennon & McCartney write and sing most of the group’s material while George gets to be the sour, preachy guru of the band. Nifty idea for a 23 year old and it bagged him a lot of attention.  And if he was really spiritual, why the 30 year unforgiving attitude toward Paul? He should have been above nursing old greivances. He did have a great pair of cheekbones though, and like John and Paul, was very photogenic.

“McCartney is so clueless that you almost feel sorry for him. Almost. I suppose that his peers need to give him a modicum of respect, but you know they hate every second of it.” Lol! Paul always gets the most criticism. Couldn’t be his granny music, or egomania could it? 

“Paul McCartney makes Alan Partridge look cool.” You may think so, but I couldn’t possibly comment.

“John Lennon was famous for dumping all over his Beatles mates. I’ve heard people with man crushes on John talk about his “honesty” and “courage.” Honesty and courage? Is that what you call it when you speak very disparagingly of your former mates, in public interviews, not giving a damn whose feelings you hurt or who you offend. John Lennon was a jerk. A TALENTED jerk, maybe even minor genius level, but a jerk, nevertheless.” He was still numero uno. And the other three knew it. When you are a young genius it is hard to be humble. Ever hear Ringo slag off a solo Lennon album like he did Ram? George and he said Walls And Bridges was the best album over a 5 year period – what an exaggeration! They hero worshipped John. Paul is more of an everyday personality and was held to more critical standards. John seemed magical in just the way he lived and uttered his words.  Paul isn’t. He can give a pleasant interview but there is rarely much depth or revelation. People wear John t shirts but when have you seen a Paul t shirt? He is much less the icon.  McCartney needs top notch music to impress but Lennon did not need to please the public so much because of his other-worldly charisma.

“The Beatles was Lennon’s band, and Paul never got over that. So Paul has his affiliation with the Greatest Rock Band Ever as a feather in his cap, but’s John’s feather mostly.” In other words Paul was not even good enough to carry Lennon’s jockstrap…it was too heavy for him. Why can’t some people learn decent English grammar and spelling before posting their insulting comments?


“Playing music together was never their problem.  Being in the same room together when they weren’t playing music was their problem.” Oooh, that hit our G spot. Nice to be poked by a master.

“Faul is such an ego – maniacal asshole. Wish the real Paul would have carried on.” We’ve got a live one here.

“When a possible monster song was written by Harrison he needed Clapton to play the lead. THAT had to be embarrassing. “Something,” as big as a hit as that was, John did not think much of it… and I always wondered why John had such disdain for “Something” until you realize the song was mostly co-written by all four. Lennon re-writing some of the lyrics and Ringo actually writing  the song structure on top of Paul’s bass. In fact, the FINAL cut (which was to be the master)was vetoed by George Martin as “TRIVIAL” and as per wikipedia: “On the final release, the counter-melody was replaced by an instrumental break, and the song was given a softer tone with the introduction of a string arrangement by George Martin, the Beatles’ producer. (So 5 people wrote the song) But then you read George co-wrote “It Don’t Come Easy” and Ringo fucked him. Guess Ringo felt he should’ve gotten writing credits on Something.  Lotta incest in that foursome. Who can blame George Martin saying FUCK YOU ALL!” Says the fly on the wall.

“Paul was the most commercial of the group. Saccharin-like personality. Phony as a three dollar bill.” This could be Lennon or Harrison commenting from the spirit world…but wait! these words were uttered from the lips of Brian Epstein. Address: from some gay bar in the spirit world.

“Elton John said: “‘Something’ is probably one of the best love songs ever, ever, ever written … It’s better than ‘Yesterday,’ much better … It’s like the song I’ve been chasing for the last thirty-five years.” Et tu, Elton? Who’d be Faul, eh? I mean, Paul. Bet he hated this comment. Bitch – slapped by one of his peers!

“Paul is pleasantly insincere.” Ringo Starr. He’s been closer to Paul than you or I ever could, so why say something like this if untrue?

lennon, mcartney, and ono in 1968(And then there were two and a half..)



  1. “Playing music together was never their problem. Being in the same room together when they weren’t playing music was their problem.” Ins’t that every great band who broken up problem. It not that don’t like my coworkers, it that when there not helping me at work they taste foul in my mouth

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  2. You poor baby. You know what you need, don’t you? A rich wife so you can retire from work.

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  3. “Paul McCartney makes Alan Partridge look cool.” – I almost died at that, LOL! XD

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    • James Paul McCartney has provided more laughs than any other rock star of the past 50 years. In 1993 he actually beefed up security when a well endowed stripper “threatened” to gatecrash his concert. I would have taken my chances sharing the stage with her! 🙂


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