Horror Of Fang Rock (1977 Britain)

Rutan_over_the_lighthouseA wonderful story, you’d never guess it was a last minute rush job which was written to replace a story about vampires (which later became 1980’s State of Decay’), it’s very tightly constructed. The lighthouse setting is very well used. You can feel the Gothic vibration seeping all around you with each passing second.
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Bedazzled (1967 Britain)

Groovy art for the Japanese poster for Bedazzled.Bedazzled just gets better as the years go by, especially after the fiasco of the Liz Hurley remake. It embodies all of the anarchic playfulness, the growing contempt for any authority (in this case, even God), and the tremendous rush of optimism manifest by pop culture and bright, colourful fashion of the surreal 1960s. The film is strangely sad and creepy too. [Read more…]

The Moonstone (Wilkie Collins)

moonstoneThis book was first published in 1868 and is often considered to be the first whodunnit novel. It’s the story of the theft of a precious and cursed Indian diamond, the Moonstone, from the room of a young lady, Rachel Verinder, on the very day she inherited it. I found it an enjoyable book. Very easy to read despite its age. [Read more…]

Hour Of The Wolf (1968 Sweden)

377e5ed6652c3d56fb7e2c38d07cbc56I’ll start by saying I’m not that familiar with the work of director Ingmar Bergman. I found this film, at times, frustrating to sit through. But it still had some mesmeric pull over me. It wasn’t the characters or plot, but the striking images, gloomy Gothic setting, eerie atmosphere and its fine details. Pretty depressing is one way to put it though. [Read more…]

The Invaders (United States 1967/68)

david vThis is probably the best show of its kind. Created by Larry Cohen and produced by Quinn Martin, it features the most popular story in the whole of science fiction – our very own Planet Earth under attack. A fantastic creepy score, magnificent narration and a plot that reveals more diabolical strands with each episode make The Invaders box-set heaven. [Read more…]

The Exterminating Angel (1962 Mexico)

The-Exterminating-Angel-5835_3This film is surrealist masterpiece for all seasons. This is early Bunuel at his absurdist best with a satirical attack on the Church, the upper class and everything else in between. It echoes Jean-Paul Sartre’s  existential play, “No Exit.” Other people certainly can be hell. [Read more…]

3 Quotes From Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov (1900 – 1986)

“In their lives, most people are cold, stiff, dull, prosaic and unimaginative; nothing subtle emanates from them. They need to be loved, they need good relationships, but they seem to do everything possible to repel each other by remaining closed, gloomy and ponderous. [Read more…]

Pompeii (Robert Harris)

9780099527947Pity I always think of coffee when I see this author’s name because there is much here to enthrall and absorb the patient reader. Anyway, Mr Harris has done his research well; he approaches the monumental event that was the Vesuvius eruption of AD79 with a great deal of knowledge about Roman culture and volcanology too. [Read more…]

Edgar Allan Poe: Complete Tales & Poems

tumblr_nx7f9127Ru1qeozqjo1_500What is it that makes an author famous? Not in media articles like “Mrs X novels sold 9 million copies last year,” but in the sense that they are thought of as being profound, seminal. That they are quoted, and scholars analyze his works, and they are looked upon as being the original voice of his style, or the font from which many imitators have drawn inspiration. [Read more…]

Batman ( 1989 United States)

batmnBlooming out of the mind of oddball director Tim Burton, this Batman version was one of the first films to introduce the general public to the darker and more psychologically complex world of comic book super-heroes that had replaced the wholesome, square-jawed, morally correct characters of the 1940s and 50s. [Read more…]

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