The Canterbury Tales (Geoffrey Chaucer 1342 – 1400)

The-Canterbury-Tales-by-Geoffrey-ChaucerIts not easy trying to read literature from seven centuries past but I had to make the effort, and glad I did as there’s something to possibly offend everyone in Chaucer’s classic 14th century work. Its full of spirit. From incredible bawdiness to racial prejudice and much in between. He was an astute social observer although many people may miss the satire. By giving us his characterizations, he leaves it to the reader to form their own conclusions. [Read more…]


CHINATOWN (1974 United States)

faye“You’ve seen it all years ago”, my ex-wife liked to say. “Why would you wanna see it again?” Like many of you, I feel like I have seen too much, but what the hell. If this blog is my second wife then I have to heed her call to “fill me up!” You, the voters, need something new to read, right? Never mind the spoilers, here’s the review… [Read more…]


SwitchedSo this is what teenagers read? I was expecting something thoroughly smutty but it is squeaky clean. What a relief. There is a very definite sense that this is the first in a trilogy. The basic plot is pretty simple, and usually used as a set-up to the main story, but somehow having it as a single book really worked. [Read more…]

PSYCHO 2 (United States 1983)

Psycho-2--DVD-MenuA sequel to “Psycho” was a pretty daring prospect, since Hitchcock’s original is held in such high regard. The filmmakers wisely avoided getting pretentious about the subject matter. Don’t forget, Hitchcock himself regarded “Psycho” as a black comedy, and “Psycho II” maintains a more obvious sense of humor than the original. [Read more…]


TheTimeMachinePreviewThis is one those works that prove the validity of science fiction as serious literature, not just escapist genre adventures. Wells provides us with a warning tale about our decay as a society and our very possible decay as a species. Working with the theory of evolution since the process does not have to mean progressively better species, but may also mean regression. [Read more…]

BULLITT (1968 United States)

8767The first lone-wolf cop story plays by the rules of the genre it spawned, featuring a charismatic, outsider type who carries a badge and an attitude directed as much against the egos and hubris of his superiors as against the criminal element. [Read more…]

GAME OF THRONES ( United States 2011 – present )

game-of-thronesAnother day, another review. G.O.T deviates from any known formula – its story and characters span across many continents and each character has its own story to tell – they all matter. There are a lot of characters – some you might love, some you might hate, but you can’t help but admire each and every one of them. [Read more…]

QUATERMASS AND THE PIT (1967 United Kingdom)

lastronave degli esseri perduti 320x240It is difficult for me to post at this time (too busy) but here is one more. This may be the mother of all my film reviews. We are talking about cinema that grabs me by the hair. The amazing Nigel Kneale was England’s answer to Richard Matheson, and his powerful story is given the glossy Technicolour treatment by director Roy Ward Baker. The first two monochrome Quatermass movies in the 1950s were spoiled by the inclusion of Brian Donlevy playing the main protagonist. A blank, shouting trench coat is one way to describe Donlevy. [Read more…]

SOMEWHERE IN TIME (Richard Matheson)

9780312868864I really enjoyed how Matheson pieced this story together, bridging the gulf of years almost seamlessly. When a dying man falls in love with the photograph of a 19th century stage actress, the short remainder of his life suddenly takes on a new meaning. All he knows is that he must be with her, even if it means conquering time itself. [Read more…]

THE PUMPKIN EATER (1964 Britain)

200_sMany people have addictions. But Jo Armitage has an unusual one: reproducing. She’s as pregnant as often as she can be. This is her balm to get through the hell that is her life. The slightly soapy plot is treated for the most part as serious drama, but does have its satirical aspects. This is the chic angst of the wealthy rebelling against themselves. [Read more…]

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