ROBIN HOOD (1973 United States)

Prince-john-moneySuch an underrated Disney classic, one of the company’s top ten best. A wonderful motion picture for children, young and old. I love this film because its about kindness, fun, defending, escaping, disguising, being mean and romantic –ย  I also like all the characters, even the nasty ones.

This great movie has classic humour, enchantment, the unexpected, romance, drama, nice songs, funny villains and even some depressing moments. But most of the time this film has that easy going, light-hearted Disney charm. For example, the entire sequence at the Archery Tournament’s destruction is extremely hysterical. The whole part of the song “The Phony King of England” is also funny, which continues with the Sheriff and Hiss singing it. These are just some of many good comedy moments.

The songs are all easy on the ear: “The Phony King of England”, “Love”, “Not in Nottingham”, “Robin Hood” and even the whistling tune at the opening credits. As for the characters, they’re very pleasant in general. Robin Hood is a clever fox, charming and a big joker. Little John is as simple as a big bear should be and he also has a great sense of humour. Friar Tuck is funny and kind hearted. Lady Kluck is hilarious. Maid Marian is a charming female fox. Alan-A-Dale is a great minstrel. The bunnies are sweet characters too.


The villains are amusing in general. Prince John is heartless, thumb-sucking, greedy, ambitious, explosive, disloyal, bullying, not to mention a cowardly crybaby. But he’s still likeable. The Sheriff of Nottingham, sometimes referred to as “Bushel Britches”, isn’t as mean as Prince John, but he’s just as heartless and greedy as his boss. Hiss is a comic relief. He’s a hilarious snake, used and abused by Prince John. Hiss isn’t really evil or dangerous, he’s more “I want to be evil but I just can’t”. There’s a goofy rooster sidekick who is delightful in helping stop the bad guys.

To make things even better, there’s a minstrel Rooster who narrates the whole tale through song. This is an amazing film full of colour, wit, excitement and action. The visuals are just perfect, despite some animated shots recycled from previous Disney films. The voice work fits comfortably with the characters expressions and tone. Peter Ustinov and Terry-Thomas are the standouts for me. The film has a couple of fairly intense sequences (both of them involving the sheriff ) but overall the whole story has a natural feel to it as it unfolds delightfully before your eyes. I can’t help liking Prince John the most. He’s just a big pussycat.




  1. Fantastic review! I love this film, it is definitely underrated and I consider it one of Disney’s finest! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Merci madame. ๐Ÿ™‚ These characters really are sweet and cuddly!



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