e tolle“Are you so busy getting to the future that the present is reduced to a means for getting there? Stress is caused by being “here” but wanting to be “there,” or being in the present but wanting to be in the future.”

“Nothing ever happened in the past; it happened in the Now. Nothing will ever happen in the future; it will happen in the Now.”

“To be identified with your mind is to be trapped in time; the compulsion to live almost exclusively through memory and anticipation… The compulsion arises because the past gives you an identity and the future holds the promise of salvation, of fulfillment in whatever form. Both are illusions.”

“Surrender is the most important thing you can do to bring about positive change. Any action you take is secondary…to surrender is to accept the present moment unconditionally and without reservation. It is to relinquish inner resistance to what is.”

“What you refer to as your ‘life’  should more accurately be called your ‘life situation.’ It is psychological time; past and future. Certain things in the past didn’t go the way you wanted them to. You are still resisting what happened in the past, and now you are resisting what is.”

“The worst thing in your life, your cross, turns into the best thing that ever happened to you, by forcing you into surrender, into ‘death,’ forcing you to become as nothing, to become as God – because God too, is no-thing.”

“Hope is what keeps you going, but hope keeps you focused on the future, and this continued focus perpetuates your denial of the Now, and therefore your unhappiness.”

“Narrow your life down to this moment. Most life situations are full of problems – but find out if you have any problem at this moment. Not tomorrow or in ten minutes, but now.”

“Remember that the ego needs problems, conflict and ‘enemies’ to strengthen the sense of separateness on which its identity depends.”


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