SUNSET BOULEVARD (1950 United States)

tumblr_lsx24srsMH1qacnpio1_1280Oh the heart-ache, the love, the tragedy, the ambition! Sunset Boulevard is one of the most interesting tales to have ever been on-screen. The seamy, unclean underside of “Hollywood” is given flesh and blood by William Holden in his calculating manipulation, and Gloria Swanson, by her cold, grasping desperation. [Read more…]


LOST SOULS (Poppy Z Brite)

brite-poppy-z-lost-soulsIt’s a great book to curl up with on a stormy evening. It’s painful to try to sum up this book because so many interesting things occur with these characters. Let’s just say if you’re in a murderously boozy mood then you may feel like making an effort with this one.
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THE MECHANIC (1972 United States)

themechanic_posterBronson is perfect as Arthur Bishop, an expert assassin but a very unhappy pilgrim, with some serious psychiatric disorders that he barely keeps under control. He is very much the corporate cogwheel and he’s certainly afraid of “The Man.” (wouldn’t you be afraid of a man with a big pussy? I know I would) [Read more…]

THE BLOODY CHAMBER: And Other Stories (Angela Carter)

img072smA reworking of traditional fairy tales. Carter reveals the secret places of a woman’s psyche, the horror mixed with pleasure, the voices in the dark, and presents us with nonconformist heroines who take their destiny in to their own hands. [Read more…]

DAILY MEDITATIONS ( Quotes from Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov)

OmraamMikhaelAivanhov“What humans need most is to love and be loved, to give love and receive love. And the truth is that they have a greater need to love than to be loved. Yes, to love, because it is their love that makes them alive and inspires them. To love is the greatest source of blessings. [Read more…]


e11d9f07-41ba-41fd-ac5c-489297fb4219The author layers a psychological battle over a physical one. This book chronicles in slow motion the metamorphosis of a naive farm boy, as he comes of age during the American Civil War. This introspective tale of brutal initiation into military chaos is hard work, despite its apparent brevity. [Read more…]

THE WICKER MAN (1973 Britain)

The-Wicker-Man-1When I rented this dvd from my library, the lady behind the counter warned me it was offensive to Christians. “You won’t like it,” she said with conviction. “Listen, er…(name tag check)… Gayle”  I replied: “My eyes lost their virginity long ago. I’m sure I can handle it.” Later that evening, at the midnight hour to be precise, [Read more…]

61 HOURS (Lee Child)

12fdf1afe5587333b2a9ba7df6f6040aHad to see what all the hype is about so I plunged into adventure number 14. I can’t take the main character’s surname seriously though, lol. A charming phrase keeps popping into my mind instead. So I will refer to him in a number of different ways… [Read more…]


daemonsGood old Jon Pertwee, the most worried-sounding Doctor of them all. What a distinctive, caring voice he had, like many great British actors of that period. This story is one of the all time classic serials in the never ending sci-fi drama. It’s like someone has poured it through a sieve of Hammer Horror. The result is classy in a very low budget way. [Read more…]

Play Misty for Me (1971 United States)

play-misty-for-me-tcClint Eastwood’s debut as a director is very accomplished, skill-wise. Lots of inventive camera shots and segues to surprise the viewer. While Eastwood is rather flat as the disc jockey victimized by an over-zealous fan, it’s Jessica Walter who steals the picture in a fabulous performance as the sex-obsessed, frustratedly vicious sociopath, Evelyn Draper. [Read more…]

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