SUNSET BOULEVARD (1950 United States)

tumblr_lsx24srsMH1qacnpio1_1280Oh the heart-ache, the love, the tragedy, the ambition! Sunset Boulevard is one of the most interesting tales to have ever been on-screen. The seamy, unclean underside of “Hollywood” is given flesh and blood by William Holden in his calculating manipulation, and Gloria Swanson, by her cold, grasping desperation. [Read more…]


LOST SOULS (Poppy Z Brite)

brite-poppy-z-lost-soulsIt’s a great book to curl up with on a stormy evening. It’s painful to try to sum up this book because so many interesting things occur with these characters. Let’s just say if you’re in a murderously boozy mood then you may feel like making an effort with this one.
[Read more…]

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