514pzxgeO3LThe story begins in a café in present day Paris. David Talbot, Lestat’s fledgling and chronicler of the Undead, requests Pandora’s history. Her story is about the survival of a highly educated, independent woman born in the time of Augustus Caesar. It is about how she is attracted to mysticism and finally vampirism. And how she must fight for her soul. [Read more…]


DAILY MEDITATIONS (quotes from Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov)

oma_himalaya“Do you know how to wait – yes, wait in such a way that you derive some benefit from the few moments immediately preceding a happy event? You are waiting for a letter, for example, from a relative or friend. At last it arrives – you are overjoyed! But as you are impatient, you race to open it, and now your joy has gone. [Read more…]

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