DAILY MEDITATIONS ( 3 quotes from Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov)

OMA_Iskritschka2“Each day we are supported by the benevolent entities of the invisible world. If we are able to continue breathing, eating, walking and working, it’s because every day we receive this support; we are carried, helped and given the inspiration we need to become creators.

For our part, we also support certain beings, who are unaware where this help comes from. Every living being emits waves, and by nurturing luminous thoughts and warm feelings in ourselves, by praying and meditating, we send out beneficial waves with which we comfort all those in difficulty. How can that not bring joy and purpose to our life? How encouraging it is for us to feel we are supported by thousands of evolved entities and that we too can support other creatures.”

“Beauty is a world reserved exclusively for the eyes. It is not meant for the mouth, nor the hands. Beauty enjoys being looked at without being touched. This is why we should show great thoughtfulness toward people who are beautiful, because through our attitude it is possible to chase away the celestial entities inhabiting them, and if these move out, we too will suffer because all our inspiration will disappear. Our joy and our happiness depend on the respect we show toward beauty. If you can contemplate beauty every day, you will savour true life.”

“From the moment a spring bursts forth from the ground, life begins to establish itself in its surroundings; animals come to quench their thirst, flowers and trees begin to grow all around, and human beings build their dwellings nearby. Why? Because water is life, and a spring is a manifestation of inexhaustible life. Visit a spring and you will learn there is only one way to attract people: to give, to give what is best in your thoughts, your heart, and your soul. Do not fear people’s ingratitude. If they are not thankful, too bad for them, they will remain poor. And if you are a spring, so much the better for you, for you will become rich.”

Aïvanhov-241x300                                                                  (Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov)


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