JOYLAND (Stephen King)

o-JOYLAND-STEPHEN-KING-facebookIt’s difficult to imagine there are any readers left in the world who might approach a Stephen King book with an open mind. He’s sold more than 350 million books worldwide, produced 50+ novels since Carrie was published in 1974 etc.  There can’t be many people who are indifferent to King’s books either. [Read more…]


SLEUTH (1972 Britain)

sleuth01This is a two-man tour de force stage play presented on film, shot mostly at a famous English 15th century Tudor manor house called Athelhampton Hall. You could say this fab property is the third actor here. Owned when this film was made by Sir Robert Cooke, then a member of the UK Parliament. [Read more…]

THE IPCRESS FILE (1965 Britain)

14634d207d5892fefe592b68c23fc64dWhen I first watched this I was half disappointed. Can’t remember why, but at a guess I’d say I was expecting something more glossy. Now I would hate for this film to be “glossy”. It is what it is. And it improves with repeat viewing.
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DAILY MEDITATIONS ( 3 quotes from Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov)

OMA_Iskritschka2“Each day we are supported by the benevolent entities of the invisible world. If we are able to continue breathing, eating, walking and working, it’s because every day we receive this support; we are carried, helped and given the inspiration we need to become creators. [Read more…]

PERFORMANCE (1968 Britain)


“Business is business and progress is progress…”

One can’t help thinking the trial and subsequent jailing of the Kray twins might have had something to do with the delay of this cinematic ejaculation. The mobsters seen here lounge in bed all day lusting over gay porn. [Read more…]

GHOST STORIES Volume 2 (M.R. JAMES audiobook)

51T8Ul-OrML._SX310_BO1,204,203,200_You get five classic tales by England’s greatest writer of ghost stories on this cd. Running time: two hours forty four minutes. Each story is narrated by Derek Jacobi, one of Britain’s greatest television actors of the past fifty years. [Read more…]

THEATRE OF DEATH (1967 Britain)

83ca1120c36579b4d702553bb81a26b8Now this is more my kind of thing. A modest budget, an interesting cast plus an off-beat story. The whole piece has an air of breeding and a psychologically surreal feel about it. It falls short of really satisfying the viewer but it is awfully pretty to watch. In some ways this is more interesting to watch than Christopher Lee’s usual Hammer horror efforts. [Read more…]

DON’T LOOK NOW (1973 Britain)

Editors-Pick-Dont-Look-NowThis is probably the most classy and sad supernatural film of them all. Subtle suggestions, insinuations…all served up through a thick, tense, gloomy fog in an off-peak Venice.  Seeing the cast’s very visible breaths made me want to warm up my hands and wrap a shawl around my shivering shoulders. [Read more…]

PAPILLON (Henri Charriere)

pappilion2If I could take just ten books to an isolated island paradise, this would be one of them. This tale is so engrossing that you may forget to even eat for the day. To read this classic memoir for the first time is an unforgettable experience. What I want from an author is to take me there. Monsieur Charriere does that and then some! [Read more…]


51y8KkBmGeL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_The author is in fine form here. I have read a few books by Ms Rice but this one has made the deepest impression on me to date. This is the tale of the Mayfair witches: from their genesis long ago right up to the present. You won’t find a better witchcraft saga than this. Of course the drama doesn’t end on the last page. Within a crumbling mansion in New Orleans’ Garden District, a woman sits on a rocker, drugged into a vegetative state by her relatives. [Read more…]

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