THE WILD BUNCH (1969 United States)

thewildbunchballardpngA gang of American outlaws steals a trainload of US Army guns for a Mexican general, and are tracked relentlessly by bounty hunters. This is the film which fixes the Peckinpah ‘style’ for posterity to marvel at … guns, tequila, dust, whores – and more guns. [Read more…]



broken3A hack reporter who investigates monstrous, supernatural murders and crimes as if they are an everyday occurrence for him. He is always in the same outfit, down to the socks, always in the same car. He does suit the fedora hat though. He is a 1950s man in the 1970s. To complete his wild card image as a hero: he doesn’t carry a gun, isn’t handsome, has no family or wife and he often runs away when in danger. His best friend is his old typewriter. [Read more…]

INCLINATIONS (Ronald Firbank)

inclinationsThis feels as though an over zealous gardener has been hacking away at some Floribunda rose hedges with a chainsaw. [Read more…]

THE QUEEN OF THE DAMNED (Vampire Chronicles #3) Anne Rice

49348After the somewhat unsavoury beginning, the book unfolds in an original structure. The first part consists indeed of many short stories, literally, where everything seems to converge towards Lestat’s impending concert. [Read more…]

DUEL (1971 United States)

red carThe idea for this great story came to writer Richard Matheson as he was driving home from a cancelled golf game after finding out President Kennedy had been assassinated. He and a golfing friend were terrorized by a large truck on a narrow stretch of road. [Read more…]

THE SILLY SEASON (A few jokes)

 full-barbara-shelley-husband-1411279001Q: What is the difference between Cinderella and the England football team?
A: Cinderella actually wanted to get to the ball. [Read more…]


imagesCPI52RQ6During one of their first times together, Franz announced to her, in an oddly emphatic way, ‘Sabina you are a woman.’ She could not understand why he accentuated the obvious with the solemnity of a Columbus who had just sighted land. [Read more…]


n11544“And Guido perceived that when the woman is taken out of an entire realm of life that must need to imitate the world itself, then some substitute for that woman is inevitable. Something must rise to take the place of what is feminine. [Read more…]

PRETTY POISON ( United States1968)


“Pretty Poison” is an interesting, unpredictable watch. Directed by Noel Black, this film is the story of a recently released Dennis Pitt (from a mental hospital), who’s trying to begin a new life in the real world (while still stuck in a childhood fantasy world in his mind). [Read more…]

AMMIE COME HOME (Barbara Michaels)


I saw the TV movie adaptation of this story starring Barbara Stanwyck. Years later I decided to track down a copy of the novel from which it was sourced. [Read more…]

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