peter cushing house that dripped 2 Tracking down a missing film star, an inspector finds that the last reported sighting was in a large mansion in the countryside. During the course of looking through the house, he is told four different stories about past residents of the house.

First off there’s ‘Method for Murder’-Moving into the mysterious manor to get some peace and quiet, a horror novelist believes he has hit the jackpot when he conjures up the character of Dominic, a serial strangler. After a series of strange experiences he begins to believe that the creation has come to life and is haunting him and his wife. Easily the creepiest of the four tales.The scenes involving the grey-haired Dominic, the mystery surrounding him, is really effective in creating a tense atmosphere. The classic moment comes in a psychiatrist’s office. The end of the story, with the creaking sounds, quick flashes of a mysterious being, and the thunder and lightning in the back ground work well. I dig the pink shirt/white cardigan Denholm Elliott is wearing.


‘ Waxwork’ – Tortured by memories of his lost love, two friends both become infatuated with a statue of a woman in a Wax Museum. As the statue takes over their lives, they discover a shocking secret about the museum that haunts the both of them. There’s a clever premise here, and it does provide an excuse to spend time in a wax museum, which is always creepy. This is no exception, and it looks eerie, which is helped by the florescent lighting on display around the sculptures. A dream sequence provides a great moment of suspense, but the ending is a fairly predictable. This is a wonderfully sad tale about loneliness. Another memorable performance by Peter Cushing.


‘Sweets for the Sweet’- Moving into the same house, a widower hires a former school teacher for his young daughter while he’s away on business. As she gradually begins to unravel a dark secret from her past, he becomes more vehement in his denials, and when she learns the true nature of what has happened, it’s far more shocking that what she thought was possible. With the nastiest(if there’s such a word) plot and the biggest twist of the stories, this is an effective entry. The mystery of the family is wonderfully played out, with small amounts of clues piled up here and there, and the final revelation is downright nerve-wracking. That part alone is the main reason why this one works, and Christopher Lee doesn’t harm it either.


‘The Cloak’- This one is the most fun by far. A veteran horror film actor becomes upset at the lack of realism on the set of his new film, causing him to go off and buys a new vampire cloak from a specialty store. The cloak soon turns him into a vampire, going crazy with co-stars on set and other vampiric acts at home. Unconvinced the cloak is the cause, he does everything he can to prove it’s just in his imagination. Nice to see Jon Pertwee hamming it up on the big screen while Ingrid Pitt does what she did best: frown and pout. The ending to this tale coincides nicely with the ending to the wraparound story of the film, which is a very sinister yet humorous ending to a top notch piece of work by Amicus Film Productions.




  1. Excellent review! This is one of those films I would call a “cosy horror” and a film I enjoy to repeat watch from time to time, usually with a tea cup in hand, despite the risk of getting nightmares afterwards ha ha! 🙂

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  2. Thank you!


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