PEEPSHOW ( 2003-2015 Britain) Television Review


The running commentary of the voices in these guys heads makes this series more dynamic and edgy than any other TV series out there. The main man is uptight, self-tormenting, office-trapped Mark. His roommate is a lay about free spirit wannabe musician named Jez (Jeremy). Their relationship consists of two socially inept misfits hanging together. They really love each other deep down and this is effortlessly communicated to the viewer.

There is nearly always chaos, torment, madness or complete boredom around each corner like the non sequitur appearances and conversation of Jez’s so-called band mate, Super Hans.Their music group is called Man Feelings at one point and Danny Dyer’s Chocolate Hermunculus at another, depending on Super Hans mood. They’ve also been known as ComingUpForBlair and Momma’s Kumquat.They have no ability to write, play instruments or sing so the whole thing is a hilarious fiasco.Then there’s the humiliation Mark has to endure from local kids, muggers, every girlfriend, boss, co-worker or family member he has ever had to interact with.markMore often than not, Jeremy seems to come out on top of things without ever trying. He expects his rent and living expenses to be provided for free. Mark, on the other hand, works hard, does the right thing and commonly ends up flat on his face. Not always, though. Sometimes Mark is rewarded for his sacrifices and diligence. Herein lies the comedy. When one friend begins to succeed (work, relationships, etc.), the other is there, by all outwardly appearances, to show their support. At the same time, their internal thoughts are often flush with feelings of jealousy and thoughts of sabotage.

Mark values structure, conformity, and regularity. In the early series (before everything was turned on its head) he has a normal job and a degree in Business Studies, but his true passion can be found in History. His appreciation for historical facts and occurrences only helps to solidify his status as the resident dork. Mark has romanticized the ideal of meeting and marrying ‘the One’. The perfect woman.Peep_Show_The_InterviewJeremy is supposed to be an above- average looking guy (he isn’t, Mark is cuter) with a low IQ. Blissfully meandering from one sexy woman to the next, one can only wonder how Jeremy does it without brains or money. Mostly jobless, he’s disorganized, amoral and flakey: he is the antithesis of all things Mark. His shallowness leads him into some interesting situations. His conscience seems to be warped too, although he did show compassion to a nasty burgler (“Are you a rent boy?” “Fuck off. I’m looking for Kenny!”) merely to increase the stress Mark was under trying to contain the situation.

It is easy to overlook the supporting characters  because the two central ones are so completely defined, portrayed by the best comic duo in England:David Mitchell and Robert Webb. Kudos to Olivia Colman as the whimsical Sophie who causes Mark such torment for about five seasons. But the entire ensemble of characters, whether they feature once or recur more regularly are equally fantastic. Every season of Peep Show has everything you could want from a comedy: its shameless, obsessive, apathetic, bold, raging, sick, romantic, uplifting, horrifying and intelligent. Long live British comedy!

11 out of 10



  1. I couldn’t agree more – Peep Show is one of the funniest British comedies I’ve ever seen!

    Johnson: “If we succeed, I am going to be Charles and you will be my Camilla.”
    Mark Corrigan: [voiceover] I’m going to be Johnson’s Queen! If the public will accept me, I’m going to be Johnson’s Queen!


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  2. Ha ha! That was one of the best quotes.


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