A Cotswold Killing – A Cotswold Mystery 1 (Rebecca Tope)

A Cotswold KillingIf you like British village cozy mysteries, try Rebecca Tope. This is light reading for when you want to relax on holiday. A widowed woman in her forties, lonely and self-pitying, takes up house sitting provided she doesn’t have to go very far. Thea’s brought her own spaniel to add to the pair of Labradors in residence.

Throw in a rare breed of sheep grazing in the Cotswolds fields and this is her new environment. However she’s barely settled in to the cottage when a scream is heard at night, and next morning she finds a dead man in the stream. All the locals turn up, the police look into the matter but manage not to find three sizeable items of evidence which Thea finds on separate occasions by herself. I decided on reflection that its not easy to take to this book because the protagonist is just not very bright.

Where other writers would sum up situations with a pithy remark, Thea meanders for three pages and puts it aside unresolved, thinking it’s all for the best really, or people don’t do that, do they?  She is alone a lot so we get all her thought processes instead of dialogue. Thea for no reason I can see also cuts herself to make sure she remembers that she’s grieving after a year of bereavement. She intends to do as little as possible in the job and can’t even manage to use a microwave.

The local setting is picturesque and some descriptions are very attractive. However this is plain writing, not lyrical, and I got tired of having postcards described to me. The other characters also didn’t come alive for me. The point is well made that the Cotswolds are being bought up because they are in commuting distance of London, so few real farmers live there any more.  Some people will no doubt enjoy these books for a relaxing mystery read but they could do with better editing to tighten up all those self-reflective passages and slow musings on the situations.



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